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New Jersey wedding and portrait photographers
New York wedding and portrait photographers


New Jersey Wedding and portrait Photography prices and cost


New York Wedding and portrait Photography prices and cost


Life's moments just keep getting sweeter and it's our job to capture them all!


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Indeed, photos from your wedding are the main keepsakes from your big day, and no couple would want to take a wrong step and make a wrong decision in choosing the best yet affordable wedding photographer to document their wedding day bliss.


You have entered the right site!


Zas Photography is the best choice in capturing all your special moments whether it is Wedding Photography, Family Portrait or any commercial photography in New Jersey (NJ) and New York (NY)


Here at Zas Photography, you are rest assured that everything is handled well as we capture the best shots that you can be enjoyed for a lifetime by our professional photographers. We will make your wedding day completely memorable for you, and take all beautiful things life has to offer.


Aside from Wedding Photography, we also specialize in Family Portrait and Commercial Photography in NJ and NY.


With our 15 years of experience, ZAS Photography has been the trusted and preferred in providing the best and affordable wedding and portrait photography in NY and NJ.


Our professional photographers have the skills and flairs to produce something that will really satisfy clients and customers and make them ask for more. With their techniques plus experience combined with state of the art cameras, photographs produced are indeed worth keeping for.


So do not allow any more time to pass, Let us capture your wedding into photographs and your whole family inside a family portrait.
ZAS Photography is always here in every stop of life’s journey


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